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Learn more about Dr. David Olson and his laboratory, at the University of Alberta.


David M. Olson

University of Alberta Distinguished Professor

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology,

Pediatrics, and Physiology.

Primary Investigator

Welcome to our Lab!

I am a perinatal physiologist dedicated to improving women’s pregnancy health and fetal and newborn health. Over the years, much of my research focused on revealing the physiological steps that lead to labour and birth. My goal was always to find suitable diagnostic and therapeutic targets for the problem of preterm birth.

In recent years, my research has expanded to explore prenatal maternal stress (with Dr. Gerlinde Metz) as one cause of preterm birth and the often-accompanying fetal inflammation. We explore these problems from their origins to their consequences and possible solutions.

  • What causes preterm birth and fetal inflammation? 

  • How can we identify vulnerable women? 

  • Once we identify these women, how do we diagnose them clinically and treat them effectively? 

  • Can our therapeutics also solve the health consequences experienced by the offspring (with Dr. Sylvain Chemtob)? 


This broad approach to studying preterm birth has led my lab to work with global experts in neuroscience, epidemiology, psychology, pharmacology, drug development, epigenetics, computer science, clinical sciences, and other healthcare scientists and providers. 


As well, this work has resulted in the formation of two companies. I founded Livmor Diagnostics (now Livmor Biosciences) in 2012 to develop our patented Leukocyte Migration Assay into a clinical diagnostic. I also co-founded Maternica Therapeutics in 2019 with Dr. Chemtob and others to commercialize promising therapeutics to block preterm birth and fetal inflammation. Through these efforts, I hope to find real solutions for the problem of preterm birth, which impacts 15 million babies yearly. I also hope to provide an environment for my trainees where they can explore both the research and commercialization of science.

Funding Agencies

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